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MU REBIRTH Official Server & Beta Keys

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MU REBIRTH Official Server & Beta Keys

Post by DopeBoyOne on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:56 pm

Closed beta for MU REBIRTH, a thrilling new adaption of the full-3D fantasy RPG, MU ONLINE starts this Wednesday 3, 2013. Originally referred to as MU CHRONICLE R, this exciting MMORPG features faster leveling, an exciting new Rebirth option and wide selection of new, free items. Webzen hooked us up with 500 closed beta keys that we offer as giveaway to our readers!

*Official Mu Beta Key's 1

Fans of the highly acclaimed MU ONLINE will be thrilled to learn that MU REBIRTH is based on the classic gaming style of its predecessor and shares many of the game's features. However, unlike MU ONLINE, this new adaption focuses heavily on intense PvP interaction and features three exciting new components:

*Official Mu Beta Key's 2

-Faster Leveling – Level up faster than ever before! For the first time in MU history, players can level up to 400 (which is the regular maximum for both MU ONLINE and MU REBIRTH) in just one to two hours.
-Rebirth Feature – After reaching level 400, players can strengthen their characters through the game's new Rebirth Feature. This allows players to start their characters at level 1 again to accumulate more points, while all their stats remain the same.
-New Free Items – MU REBIRTH offers a wide range of weapons and armor that can be redeemed in the item shop with free game cash, which can be earned within the game. 

*Official Mu Rebirth Online

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