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Ganja MU - Season 4 - [15 Exp] - [30% Drops] - [24/7] - [PvP - No RR ]

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Ganja MU - Season 4 - [15 Exp] - [30% Drops] - [24/7] - [PvP - No RR ]

Post by DopeBoyOne on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:58 am

Ganja MU - Information

Ganja MU is made specially for those who likes to PVP, our server is managed exactly the way for you to do many things possible in-game and not just "afk" and get your character max , server is bugless as we have fixed 99% of the problems/bugs that we have came by the server is long term promised and no databases whipes .

We are not planning on earning any kind of money by selling webshop credits or items which will make it unfair for other players but we are of course open for donations
as this will give us the motivation and the support to keep the server stable long term.

Server Configurations

Website link
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Server: English
Server Version: Season4 [1.03O]
Resets: NO
Server Location: Netherlands
Server Host: Dedicated Server 24/7
Server Antihack: UGK GameGuard Protection
Game Experience: 15x
Master Level Experience: 10x
Drop Rate: 30%
Monster HP: 100%
Max Character Level: 400 + 200 Master Level
Level Points: Normal
Master Level: 2 Points
Max Items Level: +13+28
Elf Soldier Max Level (Buffer) : 180
Guild Creation Level: 220
Spots: Custom Edition

Server Features

Server Bugless 99%
PvP Balanced
New Goldens Invasion
New Quest System
Skill Tree
Socket System
New Jewels
Moss Merchant
PC Points Shop
Golden Archer Special Rewards
Marry System
Castle Siege / Land of Trials
Party Exp System
Lorencia PvP Ring Fixed

Chaos Machine Rates

Items +10 = 55%
Items +11 = 50%
Items +12 = 45%
Items +13= 40%
Items +Luck = +20%
Jewel Rates

Soul with no luck = 50%
Soul with luck = +20%
Jewel of Life = 70%

Game Events
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
White Wizzard Invasion
Golden Invasion
Relics of Kundun
Kanturu Event
Crywolf Event
Raklion Event
Happy Hour Event
Santa Event
Castle Siege Every 2 Weeks


- /add - Add stats in-game.
- /post - Send message to post chat.
- /time - Shows time and Date
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