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BRB Mu Online | Season II |PvP Server |10 Reset |PP:6/8| Long-Term |12/10 Gmt+2

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BRB Mu Online | Season II |PvP Server |10 Reset |PP:6/8| Long-Term |12/10 Gmt+2

Post by DopeBoyOne on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:54 am

Register for new account is open! Dont losse your time!!
Good luck everybody

BRB Mu Regeneration
Hello dear user's,after a lot of hour's talking with some older user's from all over the countries we decide to bring hard server with 5 Reset maximum and 800 Points per Reset on the Season 2,Bosses and cordinations of spots will be publicate one by one!
We give you the best protection and long term server,our fresh server will be 100+ online Guarandee!
Every information of the server will be publicated here also on forum too,so everyone will understand and know everything on server als othe server will have many surprizes and u will be amaze 100%
Server will be ready on the next days,now is on the testing way (older server is still online until closed to be new)
Spots on every map,tested Bosses monster drop's all over the maps and the best thing is Every character will be GOOD to handle 1vs1 on every class,Castle siege and other will be correct and other settings too!

Anti doss attack anti-hack and dedicated is best guarandee!

More informations soon,server will be announced when it will opened 3-5-7 Days before it will be openend!

Also our network soon will have Season6 server too, or higher version. More info soon,thank you !

Drops by Monsters,Boss Drops, Spots cordinates , Gift drops and much more about server Here

Informations about new Season2 server with 5 Reset (800 stats per reset)
Expirience : 95x
Drop : 75x
Spots : 6Monsters
Excellent Drop : 1/150
Excellent Drop with Luck : 75%
Normal drop rate with skill : 20%
Normal drop rate with luck : 10%
Stats per reset : 800
Stats per dk-dw-elf : 5/5/5
Stats per dl : 10
Stats per mg : 11

SoulWithLuckSuccessRate =80%

ChaosMachine+10=65%Success Rate for Upgrading Item Level +10
ChaosMachine+11=60%Success Rate for Upgrading Item Level +11
ChaosMachine+12=55%Success Rate for Upgrading Item Level +12
ChaosMachine+13=50%Success Rate for Upgrading Item Level +13

Party2Exp = 196Party of 2 Exp Percent
Party3Exp = 228Party of 3 Exp Percent
Party4Exp = 270Party of 4 Exp Percent
Party5Exp = 342Party of 5 Exp Percent

SetParty3Exp = 230Party of 3 Set Exp Percent
SetParty4Exp = 370Party of 4 Set Exp Percent
SetParty5Exp = 400Party of 5 Set Exp Percent

1)Blood Castle Boss : it drops 10 Bless
2)Red Ribon Box :kuntru3- kalima 6/7 monster drop (reward is Exc.Divine weapons)

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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